Throwback Friday – When the Kitchen Manager Won £4 Million Scratchcard

Amadou Gillen has won four million pounds on a scratchcard

A Wetherspoon kitchen manager scooped £4 million on a scratchcard he bought while he was out in his dinner break – then returned to work to finish his shift. Amandou Gillen, 46, was dragged into a newsagents in Trowbridge, Wiltshire, to buy two Black and Gold scratchcards at 8pm.

He came back for the remainder of his 12 -hour shift at the Lloyds No 1 bar in the town he lievs and scratched the two scratchcards while sitting in an outdoor staff area. Amadou Gillen has earned four million pounds on a scratchcard!

The father-of-two, who has lived in Trowbridge for in the last 23 years, instantly found he had earned £10 on the first scratchcard and the top jackpot of £4,000,000 on the second.

Mr Gillen maintained his huge wins secret from his co-workers and returned to his work in the kitchen, it was only after a while he broke the crazy news to his excited family.

” I bought the card at about 8PM on my dinner break at work, which I have an hour for ,” Mr Gillen said. “I bought cigarettes as well. I went outside the pub and that’s when I started scratching the cards. I knew straight away I’d won £4,000,000. I went back to my work to finish my shift and managed to say nothing to anyone about the winning – I was screaming from joy and dancing inside.

” I recall that my shift at work finished at 11.30 PM or midnight, so it was almost four hours that I actually kept the fact that I won privately”

He merely notified his daughters Takysha Smith, 20, and Sera Gillen, 22, about his win the following week – reveling Takysha during a meal at Nando’s.

Since the money arrived in his account, Mr Gillen has already cashed some of it out on a new wardrobe and booked a flight to visit his family that lives in Gambia, where he is originally from.

The provisional driving licence owner intentionas to take an intensive course in the upcomng week in order to pass his exam and buy his first car. He currently lives in a rented one-bedroom flat in Trowbridge but already began searching for a four-bedroomed house in Bristol. At a National Lottery press conference in Calne, Wiltshire, Mr Gillen mentioned: “I have never started my driving lessons. I have had my provisional licence since 2009 but I have never been able to afford to have a car or lessons. “At the moment I simply want to get a simple Peugeot and then I will get a BMW X6. I want to start a rapid driving course by next week.”

Mr Gillen has worked 5 days per week as a kitchen manager at the pub for the past 5 years following an apprenticeship with McDonald’s. He acquired the two scratchcards that cost £10 each, from McColl’s in Trowbridge on May 25 and received the money in his account on Tuesday.His peers are still unaware of his huge win as he did not disclose it when he left his job and passed his keys to his manager at the pub on Saturday.

Mr Gillen, who is single and arrived England to study in 1993, has already spoiled himself to a shopping frenzy at his favourite TK Maxx.

“I can get designer clothes there for with discount prices – it is the same stuff as you get in the Gucci shops ,” he mentioned. “I do like bargains.”

Part of his £4,000,000 winnings will go to help his daughters, with Sera hoping to study sciences at university, visit his family and have a trip to Jamaica.

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