Throwback Friday – When A 22 Year Old Single Mother Won A £250,000 Scratchcard

A 22 Year Old Single Mother Winning A £250,000 Scratchcard

A single mom who earned £250, 000 on a £2 Lottery Scratchcard has vowed to use her grand prize on her newborn son and buy herself a brand-new home, Audi and a dreamy vacation trip to St Lucia.

Lizzie Harris, 22, from Stockport, Greater Manchester, was about to move into her first rented apartment with her four-month-old newborn child when she bought a scratchcard for £2 during a trip to the stores.

The blonde- who has lived with her mum all her life – was so stunned at achieving a jackpot ticket, she slept with the winning scratchcard concealed under her pillow until Lottery heads had confirmed she finally won.

Now Ms Harris, a onetime office co-ordinator who quit her job after she became pregnant, is likely to grant the youngster some designer clothes, trips and luxorious holidays. But first she plans to purchase a new house which has gone up for sale just opposite to the house she has lived in all her lift with her mother.

Ms Harris said: ‘I’m going to the estate agents and propose less than what they demand – but I’m going to tell them I can give them cash… then I’m going to do some shopping for my baby and get him some of the best designer clothes out there that my money can buy… at the moment he doesn’t like jeans too much so i’ll probably get him some new joggers’.
She also added: ‘It’s every parent’s dream to be able to give their children everything, and now I’m able to do simply that.  I’ve been looking at taking a vacation to St Lucia- I’m going to take my baby there, it will be just me and him’.

Ms Harris also stated she plans to do a crash course in driving so she could finaaly pick her son from school, and said she hopes to buy an Audi. She said: ‘The jackpot winnings didn’t seem real until someone came and picked me up wearing a suit… we didn’t want to celebrate because I still thought it was a joke or a prank and deffinately not real. I got the ticket on Saturday and ever since I’ve been sleeping with it under my pillow.

‘I’ve said to my baby: “you’re never going to strive no matter what happens to me, you’re always going to have a home”. ‘He’s never going to want for anything. When his friends or other children want to go to Disneyland, I can say yes.  I’m able to provide for him, especially with the income from another house i will rent when i move to my new home.

‘Before I won, money was always something to worry about. You look at other people that have almost everything, they don’t have to worry about taking their children to Blackpool to see the lights and don’t have to worry about getting on the bus.
‘Me and my child can now go and do things just like those other people do – its madness. We don’t need to worry about getting in time for the bus.’

Ms Harris also said she is planning some surprises for the rest of her family as well.

Recalling the moment when she decided to pick the winning scractchcard, Ms Harris said she headed over to the newsagents to buy her cousin some goodies for helping her with a new sofa she had bought for the rented home: ‘I told  “can I have a number 14” which is the Red Scratch card, because then it came up to £10 and I had a £10 note on me , I scratched it all off and I was shocked to see i actually won it!

‘I said to the man behind the counter in the shop “you’re joking aren’t you, it’s one of them prank ones”. ‘Then I told my cousin to take me to my mum, I needed to go to my mum. I went to the place where she works around the corner in the chippy. ‘She said to me’ what’s up with you, it’s only £250 ‘I told her to look again. Everyone was in complete disbelief!’

Ms Harris added that she has no plans to leave the area following her big win. She mentioned: ‘I would never leave Stockport, it’s my home, they’re my family, everyone in the community. When people realizes they won’t be spiteful, they will simply be happy that it’s one of us that it’s happened to. ‘Even if I earned millions, I would never move. We never even dreamt that one of us would have won anything like this. My life changed in a matter of pounds. It was probably the best £2 I’ ve ever spent!’

This post was originally posted by the DailyMail

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