The guide to scratchcard Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions are a boring reading material… we won’t argue about it. But, nevertheless, they are an important read with some great benefits – better understanding of the game and better understanding of the website that offer these games means a much better gaming experience – and leads to an understanding of the behind the scenes of the game maker and brands.

We’ve read through the T&Cs of various brands, for example LottoGo, Caramba, WinsPark, and Prime Scratchcards, and scratch games, for example Frosty Fortune, VIP Black, Fruity Flurry, and Ocean Fortune.

Terms and Conditions of Scratchcard games

Each scratch game has its own terms and conditions. This document includes many of the game’s rules and settings – part of the game’s gameplay is explained in details, but not clarity – and for more serious players this is critical to know for an optimal and possibly profitable experience.

Gameplay and winning condition

Scratchcards come in many variations, the classic 3×3 in most known, and the goal and winning conditions might not be intuitive or based on games played in the past. For this you definitely want to read what is the game’s goal – match three, uncover a specific sign, or any other. There’s also a matter of incomplete games, paused by the player, or malfunction due to any technical reason – such as connection with the game server being lost. These could be set to be completed automatically, pending until game reopened, or void entirely.

The 3×3 variation of scratchies requires matching three symbols for meeting the winning condition, each symbol usually represents a prize amount or bet/wager multiplier. Another variation, that could also be combined with the 3×3 one, require uncovering a specific symbol for meeting the winning condition or winning an extra bonus.

Paytable and Return To Player

Once we know the winning conditions, next we want to know the odds for winning a prize, and then what we’re expected to gain from meeting these conditions. There should be a pot of gold at the end of this rainbow. The game’s paytable answers just that in form of either a set amount or Jackpot, or a multiplier. A multiplier means the expected return on a wager that ended in a win – example: a multiplier of x5 would reward a player five times the amount spent in the winning round, a multiplier of x1 means the player wins the same amount risked in that round.

A game’s paytable would have a number of columns, depending on the game’s type – fixed number of scratchcards in a batch/print (just like printed cards), or fixed winning odds (each round has the exact same winning chance as the other) :

  • Fixed number of cards:
    • Prize amount – Since each ticket has a set value, there’s also a set prize amount per winning condition.
    • Number of winning cards – In each scratchcard batch/print there’s a set number of play cards, and a set number of winning cards per prize amount.
    • Winning odds at start of game – The actual odds of winning a prize change with the number of cards sold, but at the very start of the game, the odds are clear – number of winning card per prize amount/total cards “printed”.
  • Fixed odds per card:
    • Symbol – Which symbol is matched or scratched off.
    • Multiplier – By how much the bet amount is multiplied as prize/reward.

Combined with the odds for meeting any of the paytable’s winning conditions we get a very important number that all games of chance, or luck if you like, has… it is the game’s Return To Player, or RTP in short. This percentage, that will always be lower than 100%, represents the expected return of a wager on a long enough time spend or big enough number of rounds played. Naturally, the game is set so that the “house” – in our case it is the scratchcard website’s owner – wins always. This means that is a player scratches a big number or cards, he is expected to win back the game’s RTP – example: a game with a RTP of 95% (an average value) is expected to pay back £95 on every £100 wagered.

Terms and Conditions of Scratchcard websites

Its all in the fine print when it comes to gaming and gambling sites. Their terms and conditions document is filled with “small” details that are actually really important for a new player to know as they have a huge, even if sometimes hidden, impact on his return on investment of time and money. In our reviews, we often read through the brand’s terms and conditions for anything that might stand out. This is a daunting task, but it tells a lot about the legitimacy and intent of an operator – any term that isn’t widely accepted can be hidden deep within the T&Cs. As a shortcut, you can have a look at our picks for legitimate websites. Another mean for legitimacy would be the licensor of the website – avoid playing with a non-regulated website as it doesn’t necessarily follow the strict guidelines of the gambling regulators.

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