VIP Black Review

VIP Black scratch-card game is a highly exclusive game that gives you the chance to win up to 300,000 in cash prizes. It is very easy to play and anyone can win at any time, all you need to do is scratch, match and become a winner. VIP Black has a 20 pay-lines with a Return-To-Player (RTP) value that stands at 93.5 percent and you can stake from as low as 0.01 to a maximum of 10.

The graphics and sound of the game are awesome and there is no delay of payment after winning. Press play after you must have chosen your star price and number of stars, then scratch to unveil numbers either one at a time or everything at once. Every number that is matched scores a win.

VIP Black features two bonus games which are Ruby bonus game and Diamond bonus game. The Ruby bonus round is activated when you scratch and reveal 3 numbers with Ruby symbols. On the other hand, the Diamond bonus round can also be activated when you scratch to unveil 3 numbers with Diamond symbols. In the VIP Black’s Diamond bonus round you will choose 7 diamonds out of 14 to reveal the prizes hidden underneath it.


There are three different ways to win on Vip Black scratch-card game. Each of your numbers has its own winning prize, you need to match any of your numbers to any of the winning numbers. If you are able to match 3 numbers with Ruby symbols, it will earn you the Ruby bonus game where you are expected to spin the rubies to land on insured prizes. The prizes you land on will continue to add up until you are able to land on the COLLECT icon. In this process, you can win up to x800 star price.

When you match 3 numbers with a Diamond symbol, you get to play the Diamond bonus round in which you can win up to x1100 star price. You are expected to match 7 Diamonds out 14 and you can play with either 10 or 20 of your numbers. Multiple winning numbers can be in a game, winning numbers and bonus numbers can both turnout in the same game.

The third way to win is the fastest and easiest way to win the game. If you want to ignore all the suspense and anticipation that comes with the game, just press the “Reveal All” button and all the areas and hidden icons will be automatically revealed. The sum of all your winnings will appear in the “Total Wins” display area.

Vip Black scratch-card game has an Auto-play feature in which you can choose the amount of games you want to play from 1 to 300 and Auto-play can be stopped at any time you like simply by clicking the pause button.

Platform Support – mobile

Vip Black scratch-card game has a customized gameplay platform and can be played both on desktop and on mobile devices. The history of the games played in the mobile device can be viewed in the main lobby through the website but might be displayed in a different format.


Vip Black scratch-card game is certainly the ultimate game when it comes to scratch-card casino games. Groove into the Diamonds and fish out the Rubies, take risks and have the fun of your life in this exclusive scratch-card game. NeoGames lived up to expectations and deserves all the credit for the effort they put into designing this game in such a luxurious style.

NeoGames went big, rather than home, with top tier game. It’s designed with accordance to it’s name, luxuriously. Players can scratch 10 or 20 stars to uncover numbers to match as many of the 5 winning numbers. Uncovering 3 rubies or 3 diamonds opens a side game with the potential of winning up to x1100 (!) of the star price (cost of scratching each star).

Mobile support is awesome as the game isn’t responsive, but has a tailored experience for small screen devices. The absolute optimal option for a scratch game.

Pros / Cons
  • Dedicated mobile view
  • Tailored gameplay by platform - mobile and desktop
  • Great sound design
  • Game's RTP is a little on the low side

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