The Alchemist Review

If you’re looking for a scratch card game with outstanding visuals, fun gameplay, and big prizes, then The Alchemist by game developer Pariplay is the scratch card game for you. The Alchemist is a fun scratch card game with a scientific theme that constantly invites you to play one more round, and with the auto-play feature and enticing visuals, it certainly is easy to play one more round. There are a few bad things about the game, but in this review, I’ll be covering the gameplay first, before I talk about the good and the bad things about The Alchemist.


The Alchemist relies on the familiar 3×3 scratch card game with 9 possible scratch off symbols. In this game, each scratch off area is represented by a multicolored beaker. Once you click on the beaker, it disappears in an amusing puff of smoke before revealing an anthropomorphized germ. I’m not entirely sure what this has to do with alchemy, the changing of elements into gold, but it’s pretty different from other games. If three matching germs are present, then you win. We’ll talk about the visuals that accompany winning or losing in a moment, but the gameplay makes it rapidly obvious whether you won or lost. Additionally, there is an auto-play button, which allows you to play multiple times without having to interact with the game. This is highly customizable and lets you play a lot of games in rapid succession. Now that I’ve covered the gameplay, let’s talk about what makes this game good and what this game could work on.

The Good

The gameplay in scratch card games rarely sets them apart from other scratch card games. The Alchemist is no different. However, what does set this scratch card game apart from the others is the outstanding visual effects in this game. The visual effects in a game can serve several different purposes, but a lot of the time, the visual effects are simply there to make the game look good. The Alchemist is different in that regard. The visual effects in this game make the player want to play again and for the player, that’s great, but it’s even better for a person who wants to host this game on their online casino.

If you win, the happy, old alchemist dances about, pleased that he’s one step closer to figuring out alchemy or whatever it is he’s trying to do. However, if you fail and don’t win, the alchemist mixes his chemical concoction together and it blows up in his face, turning him black with soot. These well done animations encourage the player to hit the play button again so that they can save the alchemist from his sooty fate. That’s the power of these animations.

The Alchemist also features some great gameplay features present in most scratch card games made by Pariplay. The auto-play feature is heavily customizable, allowing you a lot of freedom in how you set up the auto-play feature. The reality check feature allows the player to make sure he or she isn’t letting obligations pass them by while they are playing the game. It’s easy to tell if you won. For all that The Alchemist does right, there are a few things it does wrong.

The Bad

There are only a few bad things about The Alchemist scratch card game. The music that plays in the background is kind of annoying, and I immediately turned it off. However, Pariplay makes sure that the player has the flexibility to do that, which is a plus, so if the player wanted the music to play softly in the background, they would be able to configure the game to make it so.

The only other bad thing about this game is that the monocellular animations that demonstrate how much money you’ll win might be hard to memorize since there are quite a few of them, however there is a pay table you can access that will show you.


Overall, The Alchemist is a great scratch card game that will keep players engaged for a long time.

The Character starring in The Alchemist is a funny, Albert Einstein-like, character who mixes colorful solutions to match three germs like creatures for a prize. Colors are soft and pleasant, and sound is well made. Prize table is hidden in a pull-down board and there’s no indication of expected prize from germ type, this makes for a confusing round sometimes.

Pros / Cons
  • beautiful visuals
  • Like-able character and strange germs(?!)
  • Autobet is configurable to a high degree
  • Pay table isn't easily accessible
  • No relation between icons and prize amount

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