Royal Charm Review

For most people who love to win big as they play games, chances are that they have tried their luck with a whole lot of games, online, offline mobile or desktop. Most people prefer slot games as their belief tends to make them believe that only things that they can physically touch have greater chances of winning being that they are subject to lesser manipulations.

Contrary to these beliefs, online scratch games are a lot simpler and user friendly and from comments of users, a lot easier to win once the rules are clear. Royal charm from Pariplay is one of the best scratch games available, employing a very basic genre with new ideas constantly being introduced to increase customer satisfaction.
The basic idea of royal charm is a standard 3×3 scratch card game pattern with an extra bonus mode, which adds a little more spice to the game play. The game play pattern gives players the ability to make most of the decisions, more like total control over decisions made. Most users are given the ability to stake as much as they want unlike others that restrict the amount that can be bet at a particular turn.


Royal charm is an online game with a simple outlook and has features most others in the same category do not. Having a dark blue background, the beauty of the golden scratch squares cannot be overlooked. Furthermore, the game paytable is on the right side of the game and the command button at the bottom of the display.

Royal charm does not employ any certain theme and being a hit-or-miss game, most players will dismiss it right away saying it is irrelevant, while others will explore in a bid to know more. Playing the game involves using arrows under the reels to select your wager between half to ten credits. This aligns with the fact that the more you risk, the greater your chances of winning. You can either scratch all the cards individually or, hit the “reveal all” button to reveal all that is behind the squares. Royal charm has another mode which allows you the opportunity to place the same set of bets continuously instead of renewing it every time irrespective of the lack of change on anything.


Royal charm has one of the most unique paytables, very classic outlook with different card suits and lucky charms like the Chinese pierced corn, dice diamonds, 7s and others for an equivalent of 10,000 times tour initial wager. The reward platform can be very surprising to say the least. There is also an optional bonus feature on the game, activated by selecting the icon called “clover” on the left side of the screen at the beginning of a turn. Place the charm on any of the squares and if three identical symbols pass through that particular square, the bonus will begin. Choose one of the three chests that appear on the screen to increase your reward by either 200%, 150% or 120% instantly depending on selected ones.

Pros / Cons
  • Classic in symbols and gameplay
  • Has a generous bonus feature - up to 200% reward increase
  • Introduces some originality to a very familiar gameplay
  • Looks simple, even in comparison to older games

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