Power Cash Review

If you’re in the mood for a scratch card game that will bring you back to nights in the casino, then Power Cash by NeoGames is the scratch card game for you. Power Cash is fairly atypical for a scratch card game, which is great in a market that is saturated with games that feel similar to one another. Along with its unique gameplay, Power Cash features classic casino iconography which is sure to bring back memories of the casino for its players. In this review, we’ll first discuss Power Cash’s gameplay before talking about the good and bad aspects of this game.


Power Crash is a bit nonstandard in that it is a 7×3 scratch card game offering a potential of 21 different scratch items. Before the player hits play, they’ll be able to select the number of lines to play, between one and seven. They’ll also be able to select their wager. The combination of the wager and number of lines to play will yield the total bet amount before the player goes ahead and pulls the trigger by pressing the play button. At that, the scratch off will commence, revealing classic casino symbols like diamonds, bells, cherries, and lucky sevens. The player has to match three icons on each line in order for that line to win. Like many scratch card games, but not all, there is an auto-play feature in Power Cash, which enables you to play multiple games in a row without hitting any buttons. Now that we’ve covered the gameplay, let’s talk about the good and bad aspects of the game.

The Good

This game has a really unique gameplay. By giving you 7 lines of 3 scratch off choices, it really reflects the construction of a slot machine rather than a scratch card game. However, this allows the player to customize each game heavily. Giving a player the option to choose the number of lines as well as the wager allows the player to put in more money when he or she is feeling lucky and to play it safe when they’re not feeling so lucky. This makes the scratch card game an active rather than a passive experience.

The importance of an auto-play feature can not be overstated. Scratch card games can be a relaxing experience and the auto-play feature helps that by allowing players to let the game play out on its own while they can just watch as they rack up cash. It also allows people who don’t have a lot of time to get the most repetitions they can out of whatever time they have to play this scratch card game.

Finally, the game boasts a high payout, which is of course very important in any sort of gambling game. That being said, there are some flaws in the game, one very serious, that could prevent it from being a great game.

The Bad

The most serious glaring error that this game has is that it uses Adobe Flash and thus is not a mobile game. This is a serious problem, not necessarily with the gameplay, but with its marketability to a wider audience. Nowadays, most gaming occurs on mobile devices. If Power Cash is not available to the mobile marketplace, then it is simply not going to reach nearly as wide of an audience as it would if it were available in mobile form. If you’re around a PC, then you can go ahead and give Power Cash a whirl, but you won’t be able to do so on your mobile device, which could be a big deal breaker for some people.

The only other real negative thing about this scratch card game is that both the music and visuals are fairly simple. For most games like this, visuals are the only thing that will make the game stand out, but Power Cash is unique enough that neither the simple visuals nor the music will really hold it back.


Despite the big flaw of not being available on mobile devices, Power Cash is still a fun game that would be worth any player’s time – as long as they’re by a PC.

Power Cash by NeoGames has the makings of a winner scratchcard game – it looks nice and scratchy, has an out of the ordinary gameplay, and high prizes – but it falls short in some of the basics. One of them being mobile support, something that is an industry standard. Having a favorite game that’s only available on the PC and not on the go does not lead to a positive user experience. Players want their games available anywhere.

Each card has up to seven pay lines, this means seven chances to reach the jackpot. On each line the player has to match three of a kind. The icons are all of the casino’s iconic – fruits, 777, cube, etc.

Pros / Cons
  • High jackpot
  • Gameplay - multiple paylines
  • Classic icons
  • Not available on mobile
  • Simple visuals and audio

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