Mega Love Review

Just like the title of the game; Mega Love is a themed scratch-card game that invokes the romance of love. The Mega Love game is not a slot machine but is so much better. There are no win lines and no reels on this digital platform and also, we can assure you that this software is for everyone whether you play for real money or even for free.

Mega love sets the mood just right with a childlike innocence to the simple visuals that is very much compatible to the soothing music in the background. It doesn’t matter if you play for free or use real cash, the experience you get in this scratch-card setup will remain the same, fast paced and incredibly user friendly.

As long as gamers can look past the fact that there are no bonus rounds, just a simple paytable that consists of nothing more than matching symbols, then you’ll be able to move forward and make a dribble. In other to win on this 3×3 grid based game, you will have to click on the pink hearts to reveal what symbols are hidden behind them until you can match three symbols of the same kind.


On this instant-win scratch-card game you are expected to match three identical symbols to win the amount hidden under the prize section. Gamers are permitted to wager from as little as 0.5 per game but if they feel they can go all the way and win the jackpot it will cost them up to 10.00 per ticket to play. You can see how much you are likely to win by clicking on the prize button in the bottom right corner of the screen. You can use American Gigolo as an alternative to Mega Love and be sure to get a more traditional experience; they share a few similarities except that American Gigolo is a slot machine game.

Platform Support – Mobile

Mega Love online Scratch-card games can be played through various mediums from smart phones to Tablets and it supports almost every browser formats on PCs.

Game Provider

A very successful developer in the field of online gaming with almost 100 games and other innovative products to their name, Pariplay once again is the provider of Mega Love instant-win scratch-card game. In this game, Pariplay has somehow found a way to get cupid to win the hearts of gamers by making the whole process for real-money customers much speedier than usual.


Mega Love is a very pleasurable game to play, it is a very nippy game with no bonus offers available. It is very easy to play and also delivers results fast. If you have limited time and you feel the need to have some down time, this game will give you that satisfaction you want as well as give you great rewards which is the main objective of playing the game in essence.

Pros / Cons
  • Beautiful skin to a familiar scratchgame
  • Autoplay feature is fairly quick for those who want to optimize their game time
  • Soundtrack is pleasant and in tune with the atmosphere
  • Gameplay is too generic

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