Fruity Flurry Review

Fruity Flurry is a classic fruit machine scratch-card game that is incredibly easy to play, you only need to reveal the elements hidden and match 3 symbols. The playing process can be made a lot easier and quicker just by clicking the “Reveal All” button to show all of the hidden symbols.

The game provider might not compare to other top scratch-card games developers available as it is just the first game launched by its exclusive publisher Lottoland. There are few features that are missing in this game like animation as well as sound and game-play settings. Despite Fruity Flurry being Lottoland’s first major attempt at an exclusive it has still managed to put in a decent effort into the development and UI of this game.

In terms of a single round; Fruity Flurry is one of the fastest scratch-card games ever and this attracts players that like to play as many rounds in a very limited time. Friuty Flurry also has a Return-To-Player (RTP) value of 63.40 percent and can be compared to other available games to gamers who just want to have some fun.


It will only cost you as low as 0.8 to play this game and stand a chance to win up to 50,000 which is the top prize available. It is very difficult to win the top prize on this scratch-card but certainly not impossible as the odds of winning the top prize is set at 1/2,000,000. There are a lot more cash prizes to be won with the total win for a round displaying in the center of the screen.

Platform Support – Mobile

Fruity Flurry scratch-card can be played on various platforms. Lottoland has a mobile app from which you can buy and download any of its games of your choice. It has a demo feature where you can view the game before you go on to buy and download it.

Game Provider

Lottoland Limited is a company associated with online bets on the results of over 30 different lottery draws. The company was founded in May 2013 and is based in Gibraltar. Not only do they provide digital scratch-cards, they also provide online table games, slot games and card games, for their customers to win cash prizes and non-cash prizes. With over 6 million customers all over the world and having paid out millions in prizes it’s one of the powerhouses in the industry and Lottoland won the Lottery Operator of the year at the prestigious International Gaming Awards in February 2017.

The game was designed and developed exclusively for Lottoland and its players by Pariplay – a game provider we reviewed and players many of its games.


Fruity Flurry is an exclusive scratch-card game provided by Lottoland for gamers to be able to win all sorts of prizes. It might have an unprofessional and plain look but Lottoland can be forgiven for the sake of the effort they put into the games beautiful design and also for making each of the rounds easy and extra quick to play as well as a high hit frequency.

Fruity Flurry is one of Lottoland’s first attempts at an exclusive scratchcard game, thus it is forgiven for being not in par with leading scratchcard game developers. Never the less, it is reviewed in comparison to other games available to players who want to spend their time having some fun. The game’s visuals are pleasant, but animation, sound design, game settings, and other expected elements are noticeably absent. It is one of the fasted games in terms of time of a single round, which would attract the more practical players who would like to cover as many rounds in a given time.

Pros / Cons
  • Quick rounds
  • Major operator's first attempt at an exclusive
  • High hit frequency
  • Very simple in any aspect
  • No gaming experience - sound is noticeably missing
  • No gamplay settings or features

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