Dragon Scrolls Review

Dragon Scrolls is an online scratch game from PariPlay with an orient theme. Dragon Scrolls is a fun, Chinese-dragon themed scratch card game that keeps you entertained and creates a pretty fun ambiance. Of course with scratch card games there are some good things and some bad things, but first I’ll tell you about the game itself.


Dragon Scrolls is a fairly straightforward 3×3 scratch card game. There are 11 possible symbols, each being a beautifully illustrated animal. If you get multiple matching animal symbols, then you win! Like I said, pretty simple. The game offers two different ways of revealing whether you’ve won or not. The player can either click on the scrolls one by one to reveal each one’s contents or they can simply hit “reveal all” to show them all at the same time. Either way, once all the scrolls are revealed, the player will know that he or she has won by the big “WIN” symbol that appears on the screen. The player also has the option of hitting an auto-play button, which is highly adjustable, in case they want to watch multiple rounds happen in rapid succession. So let’s now talk about what makes the game good and what it could improve on.

The Good

The auto-play feature is a seriously awesome way to play in case the player just wants to play over and over again without hitting the “reveal all” button multiple times. That way, you can skip the burden of clicking buttons repeatedly and just watch the game unfold. You can even set up the auto-play to follow certain rules so that it will keep going until you win, for instance. This is especially valuable if you have limited time to play!

The soundtrack for the scratch card is a great feature. It really gives you the feel of being in a classic, Chinese themed place. It is not annoying or intrusive like some game soundtracks. Rather, it plays gently in the background and lets you focus on your scratch card winnings. Also, the game lets you choose whether you want to hear the music at all, so if you disagree about the music being great, you can simply turn it off. You can also turn off any of the sound effects that go along with the gameplay in case you don’t like those either. The highly customizable features make sure you can play the game in the setting that you want.

The last cool feature that the game has is a reality check. This feature is like a timer that you set to remind yourself how much time you’ve spent playing the game. With a game like Dragon Scrolls, you could definitely spend lots of time playing the game without realizing any time has passed at all! Like most of the other features, the reality check is also customizable, so you can decide how much time you want to spend playing before you get the wake-up call that you have to move on to other things. Of course, you can always just ignore it and keep playing!

The Bad

Unfortunately, not everything about this game is great. There are two things that could be improved, even though overall the game is very fun.

The game is not very different from any other scratch card game. Sure, the ambiance is nice, as is the auto-play feature, but there’s just nothing very different about the gameplay. Of course, if you like scratch card games, then this probably won’t be a problem for you, but if you’re looking for something new or different, it’s not this game.

Lastly, there is a fairly low maximum bonus pay-out on this game. If you’re lucky, you’ll make quite a bit of cash, but you can only really win big if you are betting lots of money. Despite these flaws, Dragon Scrolls is a great game that you could spend hours playing.

Pros / Cons
  • Quick autoplay rounds - meaning more scratch games per session
  • Colorful orient themed skin
  • Sweeping soundtrack
  • Same generic gameplay as seen before
  • Low maximum bonus

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