Cops & Robbers Scratchcard Game Review

You are the latest cop in town and you are tasked with the responsibility of bringing peace to a lawless county that has been marred by robbers who steal millions from the rich. What actions do you take to get this stolen money back? You don’t really need to be a cop to get all that fun! Pariplay presents Cops and Robbers scratch-card game. This crime and justice themed classic 5 reels has a way of getting you reminiscing from childhood games as it is made in a comic style with secondary colors and a superb graphic effect.

Cops and Robbers is one of the best games we have today in the recreations category and the simple reason for this can be credited to its amazing UI that has been modified to perfection. On the left hand side of the screen is a police detective holding a pistol and showing off his badge and on the right side of the screen is a sassy gangster shooting his tommy gun coupled with the background sound where you hear the periodic police sirens at the backdrop of a quiet night in the city where robbers are trying to get away from cops.

This game has 20 pay lines and you can play one coin on each line which can worth between 0.01 to 10.00. If you are lucky enough, you can win a jackpot of 100,000 which is the highest payoff by triggering multipliers of 10000x. In Cops and Robbers the wild symbol is a Bulldog and the payoff will be doubled whenever the Bulldog is among a winning line. There is also three scatter symbols in Cops and Robbers which are all perfect for this theme. These symbols are, the Cops and Robbers logo, a Safe and a Blue Police Light which all has a special prize feature when you manage to get at least three on a line.


  • The goal in this game is to match three monetary amounts to win but first you must click on “Buy Ticket” and a new card will show under the 3×3 grid. Scratch all 9 sections to reveal if you won
  • You can increase or decrease your stake in the lower left of the screen by clicking on the – and + buttons on either side of the bet field
  • The game can be played on various online platforms like iGaming, Fusion and VTL
  • You can earn 15 free spins by matching three Blue Light symbols or 25 free spins if you can match four, five Blue Light symbols will earn you 100 free spins
  • This classic game brings back memories from Sin City and it also has an “Auto Spin” feature which you can stop at anytime

Platform Support – Mobile

  • Cops and Robbers Scratch-Card game is fully mobile compatible and its responsive design makes it work well on numerous devices
  • Pariplay made it possible to either play the game on your mobile device online or get the app downloaded

Game Provider

Founded in 2010, Pariplay Limited has over 40 gaming experts to help meet the needs and requirements of its customers in a unique and competitive way. They are the leading provider of Digital Gaming Products and integrated third party games from top industry companies.

Presently, Pariplay makes provisions for its games and systems all over Europe, Africa as well as North America.

Apart from Cops and Robbers, Pariplay has also made other mouthwatering casino slot games like Vegas Show, Royal Fortune, Poker Spins, Red Hot Chili Chips, Tokyo Nights, etc.


Cops and Robbers Scratch-Card game is very easy to play as it doesn’t have complicated features, its unique style and amazing game bonuses will make you feel excited to spin the reels. Pariplay did a wonderful job by making a childhood game fit into the busy world of adults. This game shows that you really don’t need an overly complex game to enjoy a good time.

While this is one of Pariplay’s classic scratchcard games, it is begging to show it’s age. Still looks the part, but is out shined by the more recent, and more attractive, games. Sound is worth mentioning as matches the game’s visuals and message beautifully. Scratch animation gets annoying after a couple of rounds as it is a little frantic.

Pros / Cons
  • One of Pariplay's must play games
  • Sound effects and background music
  • Platforms gameplay options
  • Getting a little outdated
  • Scratch coin animation annoying

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