Barn Ville Review

Barn ville scratch card game is a fun filled animal-inspired game where players are set into the farmyard platform with a host of fun animals used for the game play such as donkeys, horses, peacocks, pigs and lots more. The major talking point of the game is the chase of a jackpot reward of $100,000 which basically everyone wants to win.

The cartoon graphics are very attractive with a serene calm background with a sunny sky. The basic setup of the game is played where the animals live with potential multiplier rewards to the left side of the screen looking sort of like a tower of grains with each higher step signifying greater rewards. The 3×3 scratch card grid appears in front of the barn window for symbols to appear behind. All you have to do is simply stake within the set description and then purchase your new scratch card.


The barn Ville scratch card platform is user friendly and very welcoming to new users not only because of the attractive outlook but also the simplicity in game play. All you simply need to do is just to select your desired stake and then buy your new card. Selection is simply done by pressing the plus and minus sign for moving your stake up and down with minimum bet of $1 per game and a maximum of $10 per game. Currency variations might occur due to regional differences. A platform for practice has also been setup where you can use the play money instead of your own cash till you desire otherwise.

After choosing your stake, there is a “buy ticket” button right at the bottom of the screen used to purchase your scratch card. After the purchase, the game begins and by that you have to click the window in the barn to the right of the screen to reveal the animal behind each of the window. There is also a speed up tab tagged “reveal all” to open up all the windows at the same time. Cash payouts only occur if you find 3 matching animals. There is more to be won with maximum as huge as 10,000 times the amount you previously staked. Different matches yield different cash rewards with some easily attainable than others and others of more value than others.

Platform Support – mobile

Unlike some other games Barn Ville offers you not only the chance to play on your desktop but also on your tablets and mobiles as well making versatility a possibility and game play in any comfortable environment you enjoy.


As other scratch card online games; Barn Ville is highly recognized not only for it’s most recognizable feat which It’s simplistic look but also its win ratio as most players have confirmed is very high. Our overall Impression is very good with graphics rating of about 65%, game play-80%, bonuses-75% and clients value of about 75%.. In general, it has a nice outlook and is user friendly with all players happy to have fun while making a lot of money in the process.

Pros / Cons
  • A classic farm themes online scratchcard game that is suitable for new players
  • Low minimum wager amount (0.1)
  • Grand prize stacks up to 100,000 for matching three black horses
  • Simple gameplay - pick the amount you'd like to wager and click the PLAY button
  • Childish cartoon graphics

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