Atari Star Raiders Review

If you were a kid in the 1980s, growing up with the Atari gaming system, then this is absolutely the scratch card game for you. Atari Star Raiders come from the game designer Pariplay Limited and is a great, Star Raiders themed scratch card game that will keep you entertained for hours. It’s also super easy to play and you’ll quickly see that it has excellent animation that sets it apart from other scratch card games. Naturally, there are good and bad things in every game, so after covering the gameplay mechanics, you’ll get to read about the good and the bad in Atari Star Raiders.


Atari Star Raiders is a normal 3×3 scratch card game with an interesting animation spin. When you start each game, the 9 symbols are hidden behind the Atari symbol. You can either click on them one by one to reveal the symbols, or you can click on the “reveal all” button to reveal them all instantly. However you do it, once the symbols are revealed, you win if you match three symbols. This will be evident by the circles around the matching symbols, and the big words declaring, “You Win!”. There is also an auto-bet feature that allows you to play from 5 to 50 rounds without having to click on the “reveal all” button, thus speeding up the rate of play. In this game, there are only six symbols to choose from, so your chances of winning are pretty good, which brings us to the best part.

The Good

Possibly the coolest thing about the Atari Star Raiders scratch card game is that when you win, the symbol in the pay-table that you matched launches off across the scratch card, making a “zoom” noise. This really captures the Atari Star Raiders feel, making this game a hit for anyone from the Atari crowd. Now we just need a Pong scratch card game! For anyone who likes games like Star Raiders, this makes the spaceship effects a pretty neat feature. Plus, aesthetics aside, it makes it very easy to tell how much money you’ve won.

The auto-bet feature is also a really great part of the gameplay, since it prevents players from having to click the “reveal all” button over and over. Part of the fun of scratch cards is that you don’t really have to pay attention to what you’re doing. They’re relaxing in that sense. With the auto-bet feature, you can rapidly play games over and over again so that you can make the most of your playing time. The auto-bet feature is also highly customizable, allowing you to set options for how long the auto-bet lasts and if it will automatically stop.

The soundtrack is another plus for this game. Unlike some games which feature loud or intrusive music, the music in this game is subtle and has a techno feel, which matches perfectly with the Atari Star Raiders ambiance. Basically, this game is perfectly designed to capture the sci-fi crowd, and if you’re not part of that crowd, both the music and sound effects are customizable, so you can turn it down if you want. With that said, however great the game is, there are some things that it could have improved.

The Bad

Probably the most glaring negative point of this game is that it doesn’t really do anything new with the Atari Star Raiders concept in terms of gameplay. The starships flying off when you win, with the accompanying sound effects, is certainly neat and helps set the Star Raiders aesthetic firmly in place. However, the scratch card could have done something to incorporate the gameplay from Star Raiders into the scratch card gameplay. This would have more effectively established that this was a Star Raiders inspired scratch card game, rather than just a scratch card game with some Star Raiders paint on it. That being said, the game is pretty great even with that one flaw.


Between the auto-bet feature, the soundtrack, and the awesome animation, the Atari Star Raiders game is definitely a scratch card game that I could play for hours.

Pariplay does Atari’s classic space combat simulator Star Raiders justice with an awesome scratchcard game. A modern interpretation for the game that perhaps few remember but all should know. The game is beautifully animated with spaceship 3D models. Prizes raise high as expected on top games. Features include autoplay, round wagered amount control (not supported by all operators), and multiple gameplay settings – sound, full/ windowed screen, etc.

Pros / Cons
  • Based on a golden oldie Atari game
  • Enticing animation and cool spaceship models
  • Sound effects
  • Missed opportunity for innovative gameplay
  • Nothing else...

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