7 BOOM Review

If you’re looking for a basic back to the roots kind of game then 7BOOM should be right up your Alley. It’s developed by NeoGames or more commonly known as the iLotery experts. NEO Games is one of the industry leaders, with a highly regarded lottery agent platform that is used by the biggest operators within the gaming realm, and developed some of the best scratch card games currently on the market.

Offering a mix of both entertainment and a solid line up of rewards for all players; 7BOOM we found to be very entertaining as well as rewarding when hitting certain levels of the game. On the initial gameplay the idea is that the player needs the sum of the 2 numbers adds up to 7. On the 2nd game play the player then needs to scratch a number and ensure that match the number 7 to claim their winnings. Each chance payout has a small reward attached to it with hit frequency very high but considering the 14 hit ticket standard this means that the total payout could be very high.


Upon entering the game, you’re presented with 7 areas which can be scratched with each line consisting of two different prize areas. At the beginning in order to start playing the game at the scratch section, first you select the amount you want to bet then you select the number of lines you wish to play and then click the PLAY button.

As mentioned before this game offers two chances and two games in a single scratch card. The first is won when the sum of both numbers adds up to seven and the second is won if you reveal the number 7. The maximum betting stake is about $10 to a minimum of $0.25. Here there is a potential maximum jackpot of about $100,000 available. What we love about this game is that it provides you with double the chance of winning in one single gameplay.

Platforms – mobile

Although this game offers some incredibly immersive gaming it does lack on the mobile development side; although we have been reliably informed that the development team is working on this as a priority.


Based on reviews and comments from players, 7BOOM has very high graphic impression rating of around 80%, game play perfection rating of 85%, bonus advantage rating of 80% and customer satisfaction value rating of 90%.

7 BOOM is a desktop only, no mobile support just yet, online scratchie developed by NeoGames, and available on many scratchcard games sites – for example: Prime Scratchcards and Megascratch. The game itself is very fun and rewarding – there are up to 14 chances to win with 7 paylines, each with two games. On one players need the sum of two munbers to be less than 7, and on the second, players has to scratch a number and match 7. Hit frequency is high, and each chance payout a small reward, but considering the potential of a 14 hits ticket, total payout could be huge. The most significant drawback is the lack of mobile support – something that is expected of all game of recent years.

It’s definitely a game to try as it is a scratchcard games that give double the chance of winning, and could sum up to a big prize.

Pros / Cons
  • Innovative gameplay - multiple chances for winning
  • High payouts
  • Straight forward and simple to play
  • No mobile support
  • Looks a little plain in comparison to newer games

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