40 Thieves Review

If you’re looking for a fun way to pass the time and maybe make some cash, look no further than the game 40 Thieves by game developer Bally Wulff. 40 Thieves is a fun and engaging scratch card that captures the feel of the tale Arabian Nights. This is not just any ordinary scratch card game, rather it is one that transports you to a far away land of mystery and riches. Naturally, there are some good and bad things about this particular scratch card game, so after discussing the basic gameplay, this review will cover the good and the bad of 40 Thieves.

Inspired by the infamous Arabian Nights stories of Ali Baba and a gang of thieves, 40 Thieves is one of the most popular scratchcard games of recent times. The style is reflective of the Egyptian Genre and characteristics of form the basis for which several other variants of the game are created. 40 Thieves is a scratch card game created by a team of German based software developers known as Bally Wulff.


The graphics of the game aim to recreate the distinguishing surroundings of the epic Arabian tales. The scenery of the game shows a vast, seemingly endless desert with an orange-toned horizon. Obvious in the background is a view of the thieves on horseback.

Bigger rewards come with the theme-related symbols; the thieve, the golden lamp, the dagger and the horse. These symbols are much more profitable and one lucky long combination is a valuable share of the loot.


40 Thieves is a pretty standard 3×3 scratch card game. It features 9 different symbols, all themed after Arabian Nights and the story of the 40 Thieves. In this scratch card game, you can either hover your cursor over the symbols to make them reveal themselves one by one, or you can hit the “Scratch All” button to make them appear at once. Either way you do it, if you successfully match three symbols, you win a prize corresponding to the value of the matching symbols. With the top symbol, you can win 50.000€ which is pretty incredible. So now that you’ve read about the gameplay, I’ll cover what makes this game great and what it could improve on.

The Good

Perhaps the most appealing thing about this scratch card game is that it is incredibly fast paced. Unlike some other scratch card games, you should have no problem completing multiple rounds per minute. If you’re like me and only have so much time for leisure, having a fast-paced scratch card game is essential so that you can get the most out of your relaxation time. If you’re playing to make money, this ensures that you can make as much money as fast as possible.

The other thing that makes this scratch card game stand out from among the thousands of other scratch card games out there is the massive jackpot that is possible. In some games, the maximum jackpot multipliers and prizes are significantly lower, but that’s not the case with 40 Thieves. With potential earnings like this, it would be well worth your time to check out 40 Thieves.

Finally, there are multiple prize tiers that you can achieve, so there’s lots of variety in the different earnings you’ll see. That should keep players engaged longer than scratch card games where there are very few prize tiers. That being said, there are a few things that take away from keeping players engaged, so let’s talk about that now.

The Bad

While 40 Thieves offers fast paced gameplay, a massive possible jackpot payout, and multiple prize tiers, what it doesn’t offer is any kind of change to the scratch card gameplay or especially stunning visual effects.

There’s something to be said for the tried and true practice of simply scratching spots on a scratch card to reveal the hidden symbols. After all, people have been buying those in real life for quite some time. 40 Thieves even go so far as to mimic the motion of scratching a scratch card instead of just clicking on the hidden symbols like in other online scratch card games. That may have its good points, but it does nothing to distinguish this game from any other scratch card game in terms of gameplay.
Also, the visual effects in 40 Thieves aren’t exactly stunning. This is fine if someone is looking for an extremely straightforward scratch card game, but again, it does nothing to make 40 Thieves stand out. In the world of scratch card games, sometimes all you have to entice a potential player is looking cool. It’s like pinball machines, the gameplay mostly stays the same, but some are obviously cooler than others. 40 Thieves squander some of its potential by not playing up the Arabian Nights theme to make itself more visual stunning.


Overall, 40 Thieves is a fun scratch card game that will entice players and I could spend many a night playing it.

Take the role of Ali Baba, call for the treasure cave’s entrance to “open sesame”, and take possession of the 40 thieves’ riches in this high jackpot scratchcard. What this game lacks in graphics, animation, and sound, it compensates with an attractive paytable – high hit frequency, and high prizes amount. Rounds are quick, something some players would find an advantage. One noticeable drawback is the very limited game options, some are practically standard – autoplay, etc.

Pros / Cons
  • Fast paced - more rounds per minute
  • Massive jackpot
  • Multiple prize tiers
  • Most basic gameplay
  • Simple design

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