10p Scratchies Review

10p Scratchies is not a single scratch card game. The main feature of the game is that you will find 16 different scratch cards to play with different designs and rules.

Don’t worry, the rules of each game are really simple and are printed down on each scratchie. You will be able to pick one and play it all the time you want, or simply you can alternate between them until you find the one you love the most.

The Game

10p scratchies contain 16 different online scratch cards that are offered in the two sidebars of the screen (eight scratchies for each side).

The dynamic of the game is the same for each one, you will need to pick one, make you bet (between 10 cents and 40 cents for each play round) and start scratching the boxes.

The scratch cards offered at 10p scratchies are:

  • Fish for Cash: You will need to match three sea-themed symbols and the maximum jackpot is of $10,000.
  • 777: If the sum of the first row equals 7 you will win the prize of the column next to it. The biggest jackpot is $7,777
  • Funky Monkey: You will need to match three equal sums to win. The maximum prize is $10,000
  • Girl’s Bet Friends: You will need to match to symbols in a row in order to win the amount stated in the third column. The pot is of $10,000
  • Cash 4 Gold: First column has a Sell prize and the second one a Buy prize. If you sell for a higher amount than your buying prize you will win the amount in the third column, The biggest jackpot of the game is $10,000
  • Lucky Lotto: You need to get three equals Lotto balls to win this scratch card. Jackpot reaches $10,000
  • Shooting Hoops: Basketball theme scratch card. You will have the home team score in the first row and the visitant score in the second row. If you win the basketball game you will get the sum of the third row. For this scratchie the jackpot is $10,000
  • Hot Pizza: You will scratch 9 pizza slides and if you obtain three equal sums of money, you get that amount as prize. The jackpot is of $10,000
  • Smoking Guns: Scratch cards base on the Far West. You will need to scratch three cowboy hats in order to get three equal Westerns symbols. The maximum jackpot is $10,000
  • Season’s Winnings: Santa Claus welcomes you to the Holidays season. Scratch two equal symbols in each row and get the amount printed in the third column. Jackpot is up to $10,000
  • Portrait Prizes!: Match two 50’s style portraits and get the third column prize. You will able to win up to $10,000
  • Lady Bird’s Cashpot: Match three equal sums in this 3 X 3 grid and win the amount that is repeated. The Jackpot biggest prize is of $10,000
  • Cash Resort: In this beach theme scratch card you will need to scratch nine coconuts to match three sums of money (the prize amount). If you bet $0.40 you can get up to $10,000
  • Hooddies: In this 9 boxes scratch card you need to match the prize amount three times. Maximum prize is $10,000
  • Cat Scratch: In a 3 X 3 grid, scratch the 9 boxes and match three sums to get that prize. It can reach $10,000
  • Prize Balloons: Scratch 9 balloons and win the sum printed on them. You will be able to win up to $10,000

You will be able to play this 16 games with the auto bet feature, stating not only the number of games to be play automatically but also if to play with a single scratch card or to let the game to pick them up randomly.


The 10p Scratchies game was developed with Adobe Flash Player technology so is not available for mobile players. The best option to enjoy this scratch cards selection is playing with your desktop machine navigating with a Firefox browser.

Game Provider

10p scratchies is another game from Pariplay, one of the most reputed online scratch cards developers. The software provider is fully licensed by the UKGC and also by Gibraltar authorities.


If you are looking for 16 different scratch cards in a single game you must give a try to 10p scratchie. The multiple options will create an entertaining match. You will have multiple options to get up to $10,000 with a low bet of $0,40!

Pros / Cons
  • Multiple scratch cards in one game
  • Low maximum price
  • Not adapted for mobile users

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