Online scratch card games

Online (virtual/ not physical) scratch cards are a modern variation of the plain, yet appealing and exciting thin paper card purchased at lottery stands, local newsagent shop, and kiosks. These games are played by scratching off a covered designated area to expose information or icons indicating the card’s value in prize – money, free card, gift, etc. Throughout the years scratchcards were also knows by the names scratch-and-win, scratchies, scratchers, scratch off, instant/ insta game, scratch game, and scratch-it. The issuer of the game is setting the game’s characteristics – win/ hit frequency, return to player (RTP), and volatility.

While different in platform and sometime in gameplay, both traditional scratchcards and online share the same core mechanics. Online scratch offs can be divided into: web-based and download-based. The first is set over a website accessible on a browser. The later require the user/ player to download and install a software or application to connect to the game provider.

The secret to scratchies’ growing popularity is it’s mix of big odds (high hit frequency), attractive jackpots (high volatility), and small entry fee. Resulting in a high rate of fun per coin.

First web site to be fully dedicated to online scratchers was launched in 2005 and pioneered a new portal to enjoy scratch games – Scratch2Cash [read review]. While this world has made huge progress in the years since, and Scratch2Cash has gone through a few re-designs, players can still enjoy gaming at this practically historical landmark. Younger sites are at its heals, and players should have a look at the competitors for one of the best suites their needs. A detailed list of top sites/ operators can be found here.

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