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This article is turning out to be more valuable to online scratch offs players than others. I wrote it to better detail one of the aspects – legitimacy and fraud signals – taken into consideration when I’m reviewing brands that offer scratch games and rate them for a top list of the best.

Online scratchcard sites legitimacy

This article is turning out to be more valuable to online scratch offs players than others. I wrote it to better detail one of the aspects – legitimacy and fraud signals – taken into consideration when I’m reviewing brands that offer scratch games and rate them for a top list of the best.

Online scratch card site brands are launching on a daily basis. There are more scratchcards sites popping up than scratchcards-online have the capacity to thoroughly review – it takes a while to cover all the review aspects and put them in writing (read more about how sites are rated here). All sites seem to offer attractive deals and promotions, after all, they are competing for the players’ attention and free time. Moreover, all sites seem to promote a growing variety of video scratchcards (browse through the game review here) and compete on including the newest games in their game lobby the quickest.  For those who are taking their first steps in online gaming, and even for those who already have a couple of accounts with multiple operators, trying these most legitimate operators first, or next if this isn’t your first time playing scratchies online, would be the safest way to go. This page does try to encapsulate the considerations that casual online scratch players have.

What signs are signals indicating a site’s legitimacy?

There are a number of signals that might indicate trustworthiness – in general: unsolicited player reviews, operator’s reputation, technical security, and regulation and compliance. These, combined, should give an estimation of the website’s health, and its operator’s intent.

Where can you find reviews written by likewise players?

For comprising this top list, Trust Pilot‘s archive was reviewed for past users’ experience and sites response rate and conflict resolution. These two are critical as ranting could create a misshapen image of a brand’s operation, and the bigger the brand, the more attention it gets, and site’s response is the only option of getting the other side of the coin. Issues are weighed in by their level of impact on the player, and some issues could be a misunderstanding or a player not reading the website’s Terms and Conditions (something I strongly recommend – start here), while others could be an actual attempt at fraud. Years of experience in the niche of gaming and gambling come into use when I read through these long complaint threads. When a brand takes the time to address publicly and resolve an issue over 3rd party review sites, it should be accredited for it. This means the brand values its reputation and players as it takes the effort to keep track of user complaints over many different platforms.

Who are the operators and companies behind the leading brands?

In general, the gaming niche is operated by a few companies who operate and market multiple brands. It makes a lot of sense for a big company who hires, sometimes thousands of, professionals to share its attention between several small operations. It also gives an opportunity to create a more narrow and targeted experience – for example, a brand with a specific GEO or country in mind, or a brand aiming to attract gamblers of a specific gender, age or socioeconomic status. By looking into the network of brands operated by an operator, I can get an understanding of the overall attention given to customers by the Customer Support team, how the registration and deposit bonuses and rewards are configured to the Casino’s management platform. In other words, if the operator has positive reviews from players who interact on one brand, there’s a likelihood of him getting positive reviews on other brands. It is a good indication, and there is a high correlation between brands scoring under the same ownership.

What are the technical and security-related review aspects?

Other than the semantic review of users score on the web, there are some technical aspects that also need careful examination. The security measures taken to secure player’s data – the technology implemented – and regulatory gambling commission that gave a license to operate are two main review aspects. The first indicates the brand’s intention as he has a variety of security solutions and the more advanced, the stronger the indication for trustworthiness. The second is an external indication as a license requires meeting strict rules and guidelines from the regulatory commission – The stricter the authority, the stronger the signal for trustworthiness.

Which are the regulators and legislators who gaming brands comply to?

The last signal considered relates to compliance and legislation – is the brand licensed and regulated. To provide gaming services to players of most countries, a brand needs to be licensed by a gaming regulator. Note! being licensed is a high indication of legitimacy as there are strict terms to meet, but not being licensed doesn’t necessarily mean the brand is fraudulent. There are several regulators – to name a few: UK Gambling CommissionMalta Gaming Authority, and Curaçao Gaming Control Board – and I cover them in a separate article named Guide to Gambling Regulators. Reading through the minor differences between the gaming authorities is not critical if you note that the ones above are a strong indication of compliance and trust. Getting a license requires following some strict requirements and passing periodic inspections.



Which brands excel and stand out in the legitimacy audit?

I comprised a list of the brands most notable for their legitimacy. These are brands with a high indication of legitimacy – they have been around for a long time, regulated by a leading regulator, and have a history of positive impression by real players and high response rate to issues raised.

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