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We’re covering all an online scratch card player needs to know. There are guides for beginners with all the terms and lingo, updates on games and operators.

Need to know 17-01-2019

Scratch Card Bonuses

Nowadays anyone can land a hefty sum of money simply by playing online! Online scratch cards have become an ongoing trend and a lot of people are taking part in it. And why not? If one is able to earn free bonuses, points and money, it definitely seems like a lucrative offer to bag! All […]

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Need to know 05-01-2019

Playing online responsibly

Playing Casino, games, lottery, keno, and scratchcards, just like any other games of chance, were made to be a fun and exciting form of entertainment. But, for some these games turn into something destructive when they develop into a harmful addiction. Dangerous over-consumption can happen with other habits – even some that start off as completely […]

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Need to know 16-12-2018

The guide to gambling regulators

Online gambling is slowly being accepted by scratchcard players as a safe and legitimate option for placing real money wagers on scratch offs and, potentially, withdrawing winnings without any problems. Due to the remote nature of plating online, there’s a concern of giving identifying details and payment methods, and of not receiving winnings won. The […]

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Need to know 05-06-2018

The guide to scratchcard Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions are a boring reading material… we won’t argue about it. But, nevertheless, they are an important read with some great benefits – better understanding of the game and better understanding of the website that offer these games means a much better gaming experience – and leads to an understanding of the behind […]

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Need to know 07-04-2017

Play Scratachcards Online for Free

Online scratchcard games are the inevitable evolution of the loved by all scratch cards previously bought on local kiosks, and today online sites offer them at their new virtual version. Some offer trial demo versions for players who would like to get a sense of the gameplay before diving in. But since sites, even new […]

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Need to know 04-04-2017

Scratchcards beginners ultimate guide

Intro Online scratch card games provide players with immediate fun – they’re gratifying and exciting. Please don’t let the seemingly simple gameplay of this online version of a classic lotto instant win scratch game sucker you, you’ll probably be the next online adventurer to make this recreation activity his favourite and we’d like to make […]

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Need to know 07-03-2017

Scratch Card Strategies on How to Improve Your Winning Odds

They might not seem like it, but playing scratchcards is astonishingly entertaining to play. So, don’t let the obvious simplicity of this type of game to confuse you, you could very well be the next online player to make this type of game his favorite. The reality is that pure luck set countless people’s nerves on […]

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Need to know 06-03-2017

Online Scratch Cards

The question for many scratchcard participates is: does the entertainment that comes with scratchcard games extend beyond the excitement of suspenseful random luck into practical chances of winning? I’ll attain no preconceptions about the moneymaking possibility of this game. Instead, I am going to explore with neutrality whether or not you can win cash as you play […]

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Need to know 02-03-2017

Online scratch card games

Online (virtual/ not physical) scratch cards are a modern variation of the plain, yet appealing and exciting thin paper card purchased at lottery stands, local newsagent shop, and kiosks. These games are played by scratching off a covered designated area to expose information or icons indicating the card’s value in prize – money, free card, gift, […]

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